I have been a raw vegan for 7 years now, mainly high raw (85%) low fat, still going strong and loving every second of it! Being on this lifestyle helps to boost my energy to a whole new level! It has not been a dull day since keeping up with work, exercise and social life having little struggles on fatigue or tiredness.


I used to have quite a few stomach sensitivity issues, such as IBS (irritatable bowel syndrome), indigestion, bloating and flatulence but they gradually disappeared after weeks of going vegan. I have to say, eating vegan (high raw) is indeed the kindest and most gentle diet/regime that any man or woman could have. It has been an incredible journey for me to feel this great, and to be able to wake up every morning feeling light and energetic, more than ready to start the day right. Of course, not forgetting to exercise as well because having a healthy diet. I like to work out five times a week such as brisk walking, uphill climbing, and Pilates.


Built this website to share my passion as a vegan and to show you how easy and quick it is to prepare and make delicious vegan smoothies, juices, raw meals, and desserts. Dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, refined white flour free and much more! I always believe in adding variety to your meals which help keep life interesting and fun for the long haul.


Eating vegan is not a diet, but rather it is a lifestyle that is full of colors, life, and energy. Let's embrace being a vegan today and get ready to take on life in full gear! I can help you work towards embarking on this healthy lifestyle together hand in hand! 


Founder of StayingRaw.com

Author of Book Series "The RAW VEGAN Pantry" & "RAW VEGAN On The Fast Lane" 

Vegan Chef at The Aivee Cafe, Manila 

Creator of Vegan-Apparels.com 


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