on my favorite items!

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Strain your juices or nut milks with this amazing nutmilk bag from @ElliesBest.  Easy to wash too! Get 10% OFF with exclusive code. I love to use this when I'm juicing my vegetables with a blender instead of an expensive juicer.


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Organic burst superfoods have been a big part of my health routine and I usually have spirulina, chlorella and matcha for their high antioxidant levels, helps anti-aging and reduce body inflammation drastically


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"VEGAN Meringue Powder is a breakthrough for these guys at @meringueshop_.

 Their method and powder is foolproof as I have tested it a few times to make eggless meringue in your own kitchen! Get 10% OFF with code above.


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Blue spirulina and red pitaya superfood powders from @Rawnice are some of their most popular items. I often use the blue spirulina powder for natural coloring of my bakes, such as pancakes, waffles just to make it fun for the kids. Banana nice creams are also great with these! Get 15% OFF from code above.


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They have one of the best green tea/matcha powders on this planet, beside Organic Burst, this is the next best thing. Their green tea leaves are grown organically in the shade, to preserve all the antioxidants needed for our body! Get 25% OFF from code above.


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@Vitamix blender is a huge part of my morning smoothie routine and for my juices in the evening. This is my latest blender model and it works so well! Great for creamy smoothies, and best for "nice cream" which is blending frozen bananas into ice cream-like softee. 


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