Top 10 Foods You Should Buy Organic


Not everything needs to be organic to be healthy. Being healthy does not have to be expensive, and in fact, this information below will help you lighten your pockets and be as healthy as you can be. Now let's take a look at some of the foods that have the most pesticides used.


Apples are indeed on top of the highest list of foods that contain the most pesticides. Wonder why they always look so shiny and perfect, now you got your answer. Understanding that buying organic apples all the time could break the bank; hence I would suggest, at the very least, peel off the waxy skin before juicing. 


Whether grapes are red or greens, contain more than 50 types of pesticides, and I would strongly encourage for you to purchase organic grapes instead. There are some affordable ones out there and will not burn your pockets. 


Mushrooms have the least pesticides among the rest in this list. But the reason why I would recommend you to buy organic in this case, as raw vegans, we do not cook our foods. I usually put white mushrooms in my salads, raw vegan pizzas and wraps, so it would be safer to buy organic to make sure all pesticides are at bay. 

Kale / Collard Greens

Kale does not contain as many pesticides as spinach do, but they still do have a relatively high amount of residues. Not to worry, there are plenty of organic kale sold in markets at a competitive price. 

Sweet Corns

Corn, as we all know, is at least 99% genetically modified (GMO). Therefore, it is important to buy organic ones from the local farms or organic supermarkets. The flavor is also very different, which is surprisingly sweeter and more flavorful!


Strawberries contain loads of pesticides to keep bugs from attacking them as they are super sweet and delicious. So do always opt for organic when it comes to all kinds of berries. Alternatively, you can also buy frozen ones as they are least likely to be covered in pesticides. 


Spinach is delicious in salads, green smoothies, and juices. But they do contain more than 50 types of pesticides sprayed on them during the growth process. It is best to buy organic baby spinach which also has less oxalic acid in them. 


Cucumbers are such potent foods to reduce body inflammation and are also very affordable. But do take note that the non-organic ones contain more than 85 different types of pesticides that remain on their skin. Cutting off the skin would reduce the pesticide levels to some degree. 

Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes

Surprise surprise! Cherry tomatoes are very much infested with pesticides, and I would suggest that you grow your own if you have a garden. Easy to grow and maintain, which would save you a lot of money.  


Celery is crunchy and juicy, and I know why everyone loves them, even the non-vegans individuals. The good thing is, celery whether organic or not, the price tag differs only a little. As celery are porous, they tend to retain pesticides that have been sprayed on them.

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