• Alicia Ann Lip

Cinnamon Oats Vegan Waffles

This recipe is foolproof in any kitchen. So even if you are not very good with making breakfast, your husband or family will be impressed by this one!

1 cup of Gluten Free Rolled Oats

3/4 cup of almond milk (unsweetened)

1 tsp of bicarbonate soda

1 tsp of cinnamon powder

1 medium sized banana

2 tbsp of agave/maple syrup

2 tbsp of cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil

Serving 2

Blend all of these above ingredients till smooth in a power blender. Make sure that the batter is smooth, slightly thick. Do take note that lumpy batter will result in crumbled waffles. Pour batter into a belgium waffle maker and follow the instructions of your waffles maker. Usually it takes about 5-10mins depending on how crispy and brown you would like it to be.

Of course, we would like to drizzle it with 100% organic maple syrup. As the cheap ones in the supermarkets are actually made from corn syrup with only maple artificial flavouring. And smear your yummy waffles with homemade chia jam and peanut butter!

You can check out my Raspberry Lemon Chia Jam from my Instagram posting.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

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