• Alicia Ann Lip


Using "Beyond Meat" Vegan Patties

To prepare this, you would need to preheat your frying pan to medium high heat, and pan fry these frozen patties for 5 mins on each sides. I used soybean oil for this, you can use olive oil if you like to pan fry. These vegan patties are mainly made from beans and seitan, smells like barbecued meat to be honest and take like a bean patty. Either way, this would be a good substitute if you are craving for a juicy burger. I would recommend this, maybe twice a month indulgence, as this is still a form of processed food, regardless if it is vegan or not.

I have a block of "Violife" mozzarella cheese which I bought a week ago, and it would be perfect for my sandwich. If you are curious, the block cheese is made from organic coconut oil and has a slight cheesy taste to it, but not exactly like a regular cheese that you used to have as a non-vegan. I would say this brand "Violife" is one of the closest tasting "cheese" in the market.

Check out the step by step video tutorial below for a better picture of how this done:

You can use any of your favorite crunchy veggies or even baby spinach. I like mine with loads of romaines and sliced cucumbers. Up to your preferences and taste when it comes to creating your own sandwich. Now is summer here in Seoul, probably a weekend picnic with these yummy vegan sandwiches, wrapped in parchment paper or foil, and store in an airtight container for freshness. These would be ideal to be consumed within 3 hours for optimal freshness.

Now, as for the bread, you must be wondering if vegans do eat bread, as most of them contain eggs, milk or either butter. The ones in the video are not regular white bread but made from "Thebreadblue" vegan bakery here in Seoul. There is absolutely no milk, butter or eggs in these hence it is vegan-friendly! If you are can't such sandwich vegan bread, you can always use baguette or rye bread (usually vegan - only contains flour, water, salt).

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