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Matcha Whipped "Butter"Cream

Matcha Whipped "Butter"Cream


1 tsp of Organic Burst Matcha powder,

4 tbsp of macadamia milk (or any other nut milk),

1/3 cup of vegan shortening (blend of organic non-hydrogenated palm oil/coconut oil),

1 1/2 cup of finely grounded coconut sugar,

1 tsp of vanilla extract

Whisk together matcha, milk and vanilla till smooth and no lumps in sight.

Cream the soft but firm vegan shortening with coconut sugar (sifted) for 2 mins in an electric mixer. Then slowly add the matcha milky mixture in the mixer. Mix on medium high for about 10-15mins till fluffy and firm. Scoop the "butter"cream into a piping bag and freeze for 1 min just to firm up a little more.

Pipe in a swirl motion on top of your favourite cupcake, muffin etc. As for me, I piped it on top of my homemade decadent chocolate muffins! Vegan, gluten free and most likely the Healthiest whipped buttercream you ever had! Too good... this is a real indulgence. YUM.

Their matcha powder is grown on rich volcanic soil with no animal fertilisers used, fully plant based and purely organic.

Happy BLACK FRIDAY weekend! Use this chance to get their premium matcha at a great discount! They are having a MEGA sale (20% off) now till Sunday on their website. Go check them out!

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