• Alicia Ann Lip

Organic Maqui Berry Vegan Sorbet using MyVitamins

This is just pure luxury.

Blended 2-3 frozen banana with a dash of almond milk to create that creamy sorbet-like nana ice cream. Added 1 tsp of MyVitamins Organic Maqui Berry powder to the sorbet which create that berry swirl effect. Lovely! Drizzle dairy-free melted chocolate all around an empty glass, followed by adding the sorbet and top off with vegan vanilla buttercream, mixed berries and a little more chocolate drizzle on top.

Some of you might ask if there is any difference from taking Maqui Berry or Acai Berry as they look pretty much the same and taste is very similar too. Then again, it is all about having variety in your vegan lifestyle. Both berries are originated from South America and are highly nutritious. The Acai has vitamin A,C,E and omega-3 fatty acids whereas Maqui has vitamin A,C, potassium, calcium and iron. I would not say which is better, but try to add variety to your diet.

What I can say is that, the availability of Maqui berry is currently rare and only a few brands produce this. I like the "MyVitamins" brand for Organic Maqui Berry goodness! Pretty inexpensive and ships real fast. Order here. Get 20% OFF ALL MYVITAMINS product range by using code "MYVAAL20" when checkout.

Have a lovely weekend ahead and enjoy the summer holidays!

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