• Alicia Ann Lip

Using Gluten Free Oats!

Morning everyone! Today I am using @MYPROTEIN GlutenFree Rolled Oats to make my porridge. You can either soak overnight or just pour boiling water over it and stir. I would recommend that you microwave this for 30 seconds. Comes with a little 50g scoop to gauge how much to take in one sitting. This is about 12g of protein (25% of daily protein intake) which is sufficient for breakfast, giving you load of energy before you hit your late lunch (if you are a busy individual).

Had some more fresh figs, strawberries in the fridge, so they are my sliced toppings today! I tend to make my breakfast look more pleasing so that it keeps your spirit up before heading to work. The reason why I am using gluten free oats, so that I will not have any flatulence or bloating issues. Keeps my tummy flat and trim. Im not too allergic to gluten but being gluten free helps a lot with your well being! I use this too to make my vegan, gluten free waffles and pancakes. So anyway, enjoy your week ahead!

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