• Alicia Ann Lip

Vegan Choco Cupcakes with Rose Swirls (Organic)

These are so easy to make, there are two methods to bake these; the muffin or the cake batter method. Usually, in the traditional baking world, you would need to cream the sugar and butter first or whip up egg whites to get a smooth cake batter. But because these are completely vegan, gluten free and organic, there is no such thing as beating any eggs as we are using "flax" eggs which are a combination of one tablespoon of grounded flax seeds + three tablespoons of filtered water.

Furthermore, the only thing you can cream would be vegan shortening (which is a non-hydrogenated fat/ vegetable oil made from organic red palm oil and coconut oil). So if you prefer a quick, less time-consuming method, I would recommend the muffin method. All you need to do is to mix all the dry/wet ingredients together in a bowl using a whisk or a wooden spoon, preferably a whisk. The texture would be lumpy, slightly airy, dense and light at the same time, and way coarser than a cake batter.

Since there is no gluten formation in gluten-free baking, I suggest using an electric mixer to mix your ingredients. Firstly, mix all the wet ingredients together, then followed by adding the gluten free flour (a blend of different bean flours made from chickpea flour and fava bean flour) sections by sections, to make sure that the mixture is fully incorporated. Do this at low speed.

You would also find that the cake batter is very smooth with no lumps in sight, whereas, for a muffin batter, it is lumpy and thicker in texture. So don't worry about over mixing!

These cupcakes above is part of my baked goodies menu that is shipped locally here. See here for the full MENU and order online.

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