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Homemade Flaxseed Chia Crackers


1 cup of raw golden flaxseeds 

1 tbsp of chia seeds 

1-2 tsps of himalayan pink salts 

1 tsp of paprika powder 

1 1/2 cups of filtered water 



Spicy Guacamole (recipe in instagram)

Sliced cherry tomatoes 

Sliced raw organic white mushrooms 


Pour the above ingredients into a tall jar or deep bowl. Stir evenly and set aside for about 30-45mins till the mixture becomes a gelatin-like sticky texture. Pour the mixture onto the dehydrator trays (use parchment paper/baking sheet) and spread around till it is 0.5 cm thick. Set temperature to 115 F and dehydrate for 18 to 20 hours till it the crackers become crispy and very dry. Make sure that it is not sticky. If it is still a little wet, dehydrate for a further 2 hours. 


Topped with mashed up avocado or my spicy guacamole, mushrooms and tomatoes. You can add a dash of paprika on top for a mild spicy bite! Enjoy your raw luncheon!  


Raw Shrooms Salad


A head of romaine lettuces 

Raw organic white mushrooms 

Cherry tomatoes 

Lemon juice 

Black pepper to season 


Chopped a bunch of fresh and crunchy romaine lettuces. Place it in a big salad bowl. Remove the stems and cut raw organic mushrooms into slices. Add both sliced mushrooms and tomatoes into bowl. Squeeze half a lemon and black pepper and toss the salad mix. Enjoy! 


Do note that it is important to use organic and pesticide free mushroom for raw salads, as they do absorb toxins and heavy metals during the growth process. 



Avocado Carrot Sushi Rolls


Shredded carrots

Sliced avocados

Sliced red peppers in strips

Nori sheets

Sliced cucumbers in strips 


Place non shiny side of the nori sheet facing up, start to put the shredded carrots followed by the peppers, cucumbers and avocados. Roll the nori sheet and tighten the roll. Seal with water on the edge of the nori. Cut the roll with a sharp knife from the center. 


Best result is to use the sushi bamboo mat to mold the sushi rolls tight. This will give you a professional looking sushi roll for raw parties!

Spicy Guacamole Collard Wraps
Eat The Rainbow Salad


Bed of romaine lettuces  

1 avocado (ripe but firm) 

Cherry tomatoes

Fresh blueberries 

Pomegranate seeds 

Lemon Squeeze 

Black pepper to taste 


Chopped up the bed of romaines, cherry tomatoes and avocado. Add them into a big salad bowl. Throw in the blueberries and pomegranate seeds. Squeeze half a lemon and grind black pepper to taste. Toss up the salad and enjoy the rainbow!





3 big collard green leaves (remove stem) 

Spicy Guacamole (recipe in instagram)

Diced red cabbage 

Shredded cucumber 

Sliced yellow pepper 



Flatten the stem (middle vein) by slicing away the hard vein, so that the leaf can be folded easily. Next, spread the spicy guacamole all over the big leaf. Start laying all the rest of the above ingredients and Roll tight! 


Enjoy this hearty and super satisfying wrap any time any day! 


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