Struggling when traveling overseas as a raw vegan/vegetarian? Here are some tips on how to travel overseas without going hungry. I know it can be quite a hassle when you are abroad with limited supply to fresh fruits and vegetables but not to worry!  you can take with you on the items to bring or prepare for your trip abroad. It is all about planning!

Let's start planning ahead today!

Medjool Dates


Dates are probably one of the most convenient items to bring along as they are resistant to heat, moist and climate changes. Pack a punch after consuming two or three dates during your afternoons. Especially after walking for hours during your trip. 

Chia Seeds 


Recommended daily dosage is to take one tablespoon of chia seeds a day, mix in water or fresh juices for easy consumption and hydration. Place some chia seeds in a zip lock bag and seal tight. Keep it dry.  The good thing about chia seeds is that they do not easily spoil when climate changes and just dump it into your travel bag or handbag.



A handful of almonds a day for snacks is great for your mind and body. Carry a small bag of them during your road trips and snack when you are hungry. Good source of omega three fats. Helps brain focus and keep your energy level at a good range. 

Portable Power Blender


I know what you are thinking, that this could be the most inconvenient item to bring along. But it is one of the most essential. Get yourself a small mobile blender, e.g. Nutribullet or "Shake n Take." These are good sizes to fit into your luggage. Do not forget your travel adaptor. 

Chlorella Powder


Certified Organic from Organic Burst This miracle superfood helps to absorb heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides. It also has anti-bacterial properties to help cleanse your body while traveling where there is a high possibility to be exposed to contaminations around you. I always bring this along in my handbag and order a coconut to drink together!

Banana Hard Casing


This gadget is just so fun to carry around! Lightweight yet firm to ensure that your banana will not be all mushy after few hours in your handbag. It is one of my favorite vegan gadgets as of today! So handy and affordable.

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