Not everyone can agree with a raw vegan or even a vegan/vegetarian diet. If you feel socially awkward as a raw vegan, let me give you some tips on how you can be a social butterfly, elegant and more glamorous than ever at social events and restaurants. 


Ways to Socialize as a Raw Vegan:


Before Going Out

1) Always have a smoothie or a light salad wrap before heading out.


At The Restaurants

2) Choose from the salads section on the menu. Make sure that the dressing is always on the side, never mixed. 

3) Usually, in restaurants, there is always cheeses (animal product) in their salads. Kindly ask the waiter/waitress to omit the cheese from the salad and add more of the other vegetables. 

4) As for beverages, always order freshly squeezed fruit juices and never from packages. Kindly ask the waiter/waitress if the juices are fresh. 


At Any Events

5) Order any fresh, colorful fruit juices, e.g oranges, watermelon, lime, etc, and start socializing at events. So at least your drink looks pretty in your hand all night.

6) Order a bowl of olives and strawberries to go along if it is going to be a long night to keep your stomach satisfied. At the same time, you tend to look elegant as a raw vegan!



Hope these tips help you overcome some of these social situations. Do not let others influence you but be the one influencing others! Be your bright and energetic self and SHINE throughout the night! 



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What is it about protein powders? Are we not getting enough proteins in our everyday diet? Some people find that they are too busy to spend time on their health or rather no time to eat and at the very last minute when they are starving they tend to indulge on the worst foods (fried foods, chips, fast foods) possible. There are some that do think about their health when they feel that they are neglecting it and resort to pill form supplements. Nothing against that but when you are popping more than 5-8 pills a day can be pretty daunting and nothing that shouts sunshine.


Alternatively, what I would recommend is to go for the least processed and natural form of superfood powders. Today I will be sharing with you the difference between hemp and whey proteins, and which ones is best for vegans and also the kindest and safest form of plant protein to consume. 


1) Impressive Amount of Amino Acids

Hemp protein has at least 20 amino acids which help combine to form proteins building blocks for the body. They also have slightly less protein (15g) than Whey protein (30g) based on their weight. Sometimes, you got to look at the bigger picture. It is not always about the level of protein it yields. Hemp protein provides heart-healthy unsaturated fats and fiber which Whey lacks. Recommended dosage would be two tablespoons a day (30g) depending on how much you work out. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians. 


2) Easily Digestible  

Hemp is a seed and not a bean (soy) or part of a cow productivity system, which whey protein comes from cow's milk which will possibly cause flatulence, IBS, bloating and burping in some people. Hemp seeds are water soluble and free from substances that cause gas and stomach churn. Soybean proteins, on the other hand, might be plant based but there are inhibitors found in these beans that are tough to break down in the stomach, causing bloating and upset tummy. 


3) Eco-Friendly and Safe

Comes from a sustainable, environmentally friendly plant which is free of harmful chemical residues, high in fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids. These properties help you to build muscle and boost energy and metabolism. Not to worry as the hemp protein powder sold in the shops today are all organic and the best one I have tried and tested is from the brand "MYPROTEIN" their hemp seed protein powder is of premium quality and make my smoothies very creamy thick consistency which I very much enjoy. 


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